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My PlayHome is a newly developed game which is mainly for your children. The game is basically a doll house for your children to decorate and maintain. The game has been developed last time on 10/05/2019. It has been developed by PlayHome software limited. It is available in many languages across the globe. The game is totally a free application. Occupies not much space as per its specifications. The game can be downloaded from Panda Helper from the Entertainment category available in the app store. It is the 3.5.2 version and more updates in the next month is yet to arrive. More than 3 million people have installed this game all over the world. They are all playing this game. Reviews of the users are quite appreciated. Tech experts do support their development.

Panda Helper is the app store using which you can download this application under the entertainment category.

Features of My PlayHome via Panda Helper

  • You need to seeing a doll house. You can use the all the available furniture and accessories of the house.
  • You need to cook the food for your dolls.
  • You are provided with bed room,playing room, kitchen.
  • Highly designed application which is a perfect entertainment for your children.
  • Audio and visual effects are made 3D to make it more attractive for your little children.
  • You can control the switching of the lights and fans.
  • Sleep,play,eat are the actions also to be performed in this game to cross one level.

How to get My PlayHome via Panda Helper iOS

  1. Click the link given below.
  2. Download Panda Helper form this link after making the accessibility on.
  3. Using Panda Helper get the My PlayHome.
  4. Start downloading it after checking the web connection.
  5. Download circle completes one round very soon with a nice connectivity.
  6. Then tap open to start playing from your iPhone.

How to get My PlayHome via Panda Helper for Android

  1. Select the link provided.
  2. Turn on the mobile data.
  3. Download Panda Helper.
  4. Using Panda Helper search and install My PlayHome.
  5. Installation ends in few moments tap open to start playing from your android device.

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