Terraria Hack

Panda helper app is another third-party app store app for apple users. You can simply install this app in your Apple smartphone. You don’t need to have a rooted device to install this third-party app. Panda helper helps you to hack various apps which you won’t find it on another app store such as Google play store and apple app store. The panda helper app is especially used for app hacking and game hacking purposes. Hacking games become very simple and easy with this app. Of course, this third-party app doesn’t include the hacks of confidential and routine apps. It only supports the game apps. For instance- 8 ball pool, Terraria, Pokémon and many other apps. Continue reading

8 Ball Pool Hack

We all know that there are many apps available in both Google Play store and Apple app store. Of course, each of the devices has its own store wherein which you can easily download some apps for your smartphone which is iOS devices. Apps have genuinely made our daily routines and tasks very simpler and easier. We don’t have to struggle in getting entertainment or in obtaining our routines. It is very good that our technology has offered a great pack for us-customers. One of the best stores for iOSis Panda helper. You can also hack the games and apps with the help of this iOS app store. Continue reading

Happy Chick Emulator

There are many popular gaming consoles and platforms available in the market. All the gaming consoles are right in their way and have some of the best games ever. At some point, you might have also thought of buying most of the gaming consoles, but then you realized it would burn a hole in your pocket. Here to overcome this issue, we got an app which can run games from all the major gaming consoles right in your Android or iPhone. That’s right, we are talking about Happy Chick Emulator Panda Helper which can run games from several platforms like FAB/MAME/MAME PLUS, PS, PSP, FC (NES), SFC (SNEC), GBA, GBC, MD, NDS and many more. It supports over 18 consoles and you can all the games when the developers are working on making it more efficient.

If you are interested in Happy Chick Emulator, more surprises are waiting for you. It also supports Android game controller to make your gaming experience much better. You can set buttons for the controller within the app as per your requirement.  It not only supports games, in their cloud server you will find a vast library of games from all major handheld devices and which you can download and play without much effort. Continue reading

Tinder++ | Tinder Plus

Looking for alternative AppStore to download the applications and game? Then it is possible for you to get it. For information, Panda helper mainly contains more than 1000 applications which are available at free of cost. Also, when it comes to downloading the applications, it makes you experience the high downloading speed. The applications you can grab it from Panda helper without experiencing the process of jailbreak. In the current scenario, people are always interested in connecting with new people for making friendship and dating. To make it easier, Tinder application has arrived to offer a lot. Continue reading

Snapchat Plus | SnapChat++

We are always interested in focusing on the usage of social networking sites. When it comes to social media site platforms, SnapChat is said to be one of the best platforms where people are always showing their interest in sharing the moments by capturing the photos. It also helps in share the Medias as well as messages with friends and family. On the other side, people may expect to save them to their device, but it is difficult to do that in this application. However, you can find there are several tweaks across the internet to download. Continue reading

Slick TV

We all know there are an enormous number of applications which are available in the AppStore to download for iOS devices. With regular updates in applications, you can start to download as per your needs. But the fact is not all the applications which are available at free of cost to download. To make it simpler, you can visit the panda helper which offers a lot of hacked apps or games to you at free of cost. If you are the one who is looking ahead to experience the free apps, then panda helper is the best option Continue reading

MineCraft PE

Looking for paid applications to download at free of cost? Then you are at the right platform to discuss about it. To download the applications for your iOS devices, it doesn’t require any Apple ID and Jailbreak at any time. Now, the question is where we can download the free apps or games for the iOS device. Yes, it is possible to download from Panda helper. Panda helper is the store where you can get thousands of paid applications without spending a single penny on it. If you are interested to get back the classic game called Minecraft on your iOS device, then it is possible. Continue reading

Electra Jailbreak

Everyone who is looking for hacked games or premium cracked apps is quite aware of Panda Helper. This is a single app solution for downloading hacked games and patched version of almost all premium apps. Well, there are some obligations as free one will allow you to download limited premium apps and hacked games but if you are buying a full version. You will have access to a larger collection of apps, games, movies, music and lots of more like themes, tweaks. In case you are going to sue free version you won’t need to jailbreak. Moreover, this app is regularly updated so you will have access to more updated apps and new games. Continue reading

Panda Helper iOS 11

In this Post, we will learn about Panda Helper iOS 11 and how to download and use it. If you fond of Hacked games and ++ apps, it is must to have app for your iOS 11. If you have ever used any hacked games or cracked, you must have come across this app at least for once. Panda Helper had two variant one is free and VIP which is paid one. You can use free one but there is no way for paid one for free. Continue reading

Panda Helper iOS 8.0

Panda Helper is a spic and span Chinese hacked applications installer for iOS. Much the same as other bundle installers, it works without an escape. What separates it from different installers is its mammoth accumulation of hacked applications and games. You can discover basically all well known hacked applications and games in that. Continue reading