Panda Helper Artstudio Pro

Artstudio  Pro is a photo editor application and an updated version of Artstudio. It is basically an app under photography section. Recently launched under Panda Helper. It has got 4 stars of rating.  Near about 40 MB is the size of this file. Thousands of people are using this app for editing their photos. User reviews are quite nice and their experience had been quite good using this app. The tech experts do speak of its smoothness. It runs without any lack issues. Editing is also quite simple and fast. The app can be easily downloaded via Panda Helper. It is available under the link we give you. Continue reading

Panda Helper Textra SMS

Messaging becomes more simple and easy now via Textra SMS. It is available for both iPhones and Android devices. Long text and SMS can be done via this app which is not always allowed for your inbuilt messaging application. Words are not limited via this app. Tap enter to send option is also available here. This means once you finish your text Tao the enter key to send. SIM choosing is also available that is you can change the SIM for texting easily through a tap. You can add more than one contact for a single text and also can forward it to many friends at a time. Not only SMS but also MMS can be done via this Textra SMS. That is you can attach  pdf files, images through this app. The process of downloading is simple via Panda Helper. Continue reading

Panda Helper intoLive Pro

intoLive Pro is an application for iOS users. The app runs only under iOS platforms. Using this application you can make your photos live. Live photos are those photos which are actually no videos but pictures with a motion. Some iPhones have this feature as built in whereas for the others you need to download intoLive Pro application. No need to worry it’s absolutely a free application. Simple to use and downloading of intoLive Pro is quite fast and secure also via Panda Helper. In this application you need to add a photo and start it’s motion,you need to adjust the time of motion via a controller at the bottom. User interface is quite good. As you end up making your photo live you just need to press and hold it to motion. The app is highly rated by the iOS users across the globe. The tech experts have a huge support behind development of this application. Continue reading

Panda Helper Spotify++

Some people are fond of hearing old songs which are not always found in the song stores. But now the scenario has changed with time,with the Spotify++. It has a collection of millions of both old and new songs. Language is not at all an issues almost song of every languages is found available here. Songs can be streamed online and also can be downloaded and stored for s given time period.

English,french,Spanish,japanese,Bengali and millions of language is found here. You are given an option after you download and sign in to choose your respective language. As per your choice the suggestion of songs for you gets pop up on the screen. The app is totally free of cost and downloaded by millions. Panda Helper is the best place for download. Continue reading

Panda Helper Magic Launcher Pro

People really don’t enjoy the inbuilt launcher for a long time. Changes are really appreciated by the users. But with some other launchers there may be issues with your device. Magic launcher Pro comes with the fixation of all the issues. It gives you a great comfortable experience as if you are using this as your inbuilt launcher. Great collection of wallpapers and themes. You can customise your phone to a high extent. Millions of downloads and great demand for this application across the globe. The tech experts do have a nice review for this application. Rating is almost near five stars. It occupies a minimum storage for your device. Downloading becomes simple and safe via Panda Helper. Link for Panda Helper ap store is placed below. Continue reading

Panda Helper AnkiMobile Flashcards

Now it’s the time to increase your knowledge. The knowledge is about flashcards.  AnkiMobile supports you in the best possible way and allows the best learning. It supports spaced repetition. The most notable feature is it allows text to speech recognition which means you can hear the text through voice.  Thousands of premade decks are available in this app. You can even adjust the font according to your comfort zone. Night mode protects your eye if you are reading at night time. The app is available in Panda Helper both for iOS and Android users completely for free via our link given below. Continue reading

Panda Helper Simple Seeding Mobile Software

Panda Helper Simple Seeding Mobile is the new trendy software launched in Panda Helper. This Panda Helper Simple Seeding Mobile is very beneficial and helpful in many ways. For example, your posts will get hundreds of likes, emojis and dozens of comment and when the goods resistance really reaches near the article, the credibility will also increase many a time, or, if an article has comments that are sent as an email, the customer will also tend to perform such actions. The software will bring out in the light that articles on which people have given a lot of comments and likes. The ATP software is strictly curtailed to use customer’s’ account and passwords for their own need. Moreover, Panda Helper Simple Seeding Mobile Software will be free for life! Continue reading

Panda Helper AdBlock X

Now it’s the time to be secure and keep yourself undisturbed from the ads that appear during your usage in any application or game or in your browser. A new version of AdBlock has appeared recently. This app is highly appreciated by the users all over the world.  The app ensures no arising of advertisements while surfing. People used to feel very uneasy while surfing as there used to appear adds more than that page content especially during crucial time. Now the problem is solved no ads and pop ups while you surf the internet. Any detection of threads are also checked minutely by this app. The ads that appear may contain some threads which are checked and solved by this app. The app is available in Panda Helper. Therefore supports both Android as well as iOS platforms. Continue reading

Panda Helper unc0ver iOS 12 jailbreak

After the advent of Panda Helper unc0ver iOS 12 jailbreak and Cydia, the iOS users can finally customize their iOS 12 device with tweaks and themes. Till then, there were no specific methods to jailbreak IOS 12 or 12.1. The IOS users were restricted to using those specific themes and tweaks to which the istore allowed them to. But it’s not the case after the mass use of unc0ver and Cydia.

Panda Helper is where users can find millions of apps to download in Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad). The users would not need to jailbreak their devices to use Panda Helper in their device. The app is mostly used to get the hacked games and tweaked apps as it provides more options than any other marketplace.Beside the paid apps, there are some types of apps that are not available in the regular store like emulators, tweaked/ cracked apps, games patches, ++ apps, etc., that sum up extra features to the original apps. Continue reading

Panda Helper Dual Space

Panda Helper Dual Space was one of the most recommended application on various app stores after its launch. Basically, what dual space does is, to clone various applications. And the best part is, it allows the cloning of those apps that allow only one account per smartphone(for example Snapchat, WhatsApp, Hike etc).

Even if some particular apps allow to switch accounts, it gets very troublesome to do so. But Dual Space can perfectly solve your problem! You can easily use one single smartphone to login to multiple accounts and keep them all logged in at the same time! And you don’t need to worry about the message reception and data storage problem of different accounts, because they will work independently and with no interference to each other, without the data being jumbled together. Continue reading