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Now it’s the time to be secure and keep yourself undisturbed from the ads that appear during your usage in any application or game or in your browser. A new version of AdBlock has appeared recently. This app is highly appreciated by the users all over the world.  The app ensures no arising of advertisements while surfing. People used to feel very uneasy while surfing as there used to appear adds more than that page content especially during crucial time. Now the problem is solved no ads and pop ups while you surf the internet. Any detection of threads are also checked minutely by this app. The ads that appear may contain some threads which are checked and solved by this app. The app is available in Panda Helper. Therefore supports both Android as well as iOS platforms.

Panda helper has been proved to be one of the most secure app stores in use. Mainly supports in iOS platforms but nowadays it is working good in android platforms also. The Android users are quite satisfied using this app. Great collection of apps of various categories are available here. Most applications and games available here are free of cost. Featured game with high graphics and 3D audio are available here for free.

How to get AdBlock X via Panda Helper for iOS

  1. Check the accessibility being an iOS user.
  2. Open the link.
  3. Now you can download Panda Helper by tapping install. Go for it.
  4. As you end up downloading Panda Helper Tap open to use.
  5. Search for “AdBlock X ” via Panda Helper.
  6. Click any of the given results.
  7. Start installation by clicking “get app”.
  8. As the process touches 100 percent mark , open appears next.
  9. Tap open to enjoy add free and secure life.

How to get AdBlock Via Panda Helper for Android

  1. Tap the link. Start the download process of Panda helper from the page that appears.
  2. Open the App store Panda Helper that you have downloaded now.
  3. Search “AdBlock X”, click “ install”.
  4. There appears a line, as it crosses 99 percent installation begins and free seconds after you will be ready to use.
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