Panda Helper Download for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Panda Helper

Panda Helper by the time it came the iOS users wanted something that would fetch them free apps, games and lot more. With Cydia and other jailbreaking apps crashing in masses panda helper gained major popularity during that period of time. Ranging from a low end paid/free apps to millons of paid apps available for free this is trending in it’s sector. While some users had the fear that jailbreaking there device might get them into trouble by voiding there warranty. Panda Helper broke this myth by allow users to download the app without doing any such act with there iOS device.

Features of Panda Helper

  • One the fastest and smooth UI based app in it’s Sector.
  • Panda Helper comes with over 10million+ download all over the globe within such short span of time.
  • Beside providing apps and games for free, it also allows user to tweak the locked version of apps/games.
  • Can be used and enjoyed with full accessibility even without Jailbreaking the device.
  • Panda Helper VIP is just the upgrade version which you can get by paying some penny, but frankly the free version can get your job done.
  • Updates and Bugs fixes are pushed weekly (mostly) by the team which as per reports are active on users complaint.

Steps to follow before Downloading the Panda Helper App

  1. Unlock your iOS device and turn of internet connectivity.
  2. Now head over to Settings >> Navigate to General settings >> Profiles & Device Management >> Panda Helper >> “Trust this app”.
  3. This is done to allow smooth installation of Panda Helper.

Download Panda Helper for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Download Panda Helper

  1. Click here to download Panda Helper on your iOS device.
  2. Once done drag down and open the file and proceed to install.
  3. Wait for it to get installed and then open the app.
  4. Proceed by giving permisson to access your device.
  5. Now you are good to go to use Panda Helper.

Final Words on Panda Helper

Panda Helper is a great app and presently one of the best app in the industry. Allowing you to tweak paid apps, games and lot more. Making it jailbreak free also attracts huge base of users to download the app as it does not effect the phone’s hardware or software as of now. Hopefully am able to convey enough through this article. In case you have any question feel free to drop it down in the comment section below. Do share it with your friends and make them also know about Panda Helper app and use it’s awesome features.